Carpool to Great Beginnings?

August 12, 2013

As you may have read, there is limited parking at Great Beginnings, especially on Monday. If you’d like to carpool, please post here with your email and general location.

Thanks! I hope to see you a week from today!

Meeting the Technology Standards Competency

August 9, 2013

The code of Virginia requires that all Instructional personnel meet the Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel. Meeting this competency is a one-time requirement. When you apply for or renew your Virginia teaching license, you will be asked to cite how you have met the technology standards. Here are some tips to help you meet this requirement.

Your School Based Technology Specialist (SBTS) will be your primary point of contact. Once you have started working, please schedule an appointment to meet with him or her for a consultation to determine if you meet the technology standards or if further training is required.

After you successfully demonstrate competency in the technology standards, your SBTS will help you to obtain your Individual Technology Competency Record which will need to be signed by your principal. This form is available via an FCPS network computer at Once completed, you can fax the signed record to the FCPS Office of Licensure at 571-423-3147. Upon receipt, your licensure assistant will transmit your Individual Technology Competency Record to the state to have your license updated. Please be sure to keep a copy of this information for your records.

More information about the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel may be found via an FCPS network computer at http://fcpsnet/is/instructionaltechnology/tsip/index.htm.

If you have any licensure questions, you are welcome to contact us at or 571-423-3137. You may also follow additional licensure information, updates, and reminders online –
Twitter: @fcpslicensure

Licensure Assistants

August 5, 2013

We had some turnover in our Licensure department this summer. As of today, they are once again fully staffed. If you need help with any issues, please contact the following people. We assign them by the first letter of your last name.

A-D: Janice Cooke,
E-K: Dawn Galloway,
L-Rh: Kathy Larios,
Ri-Z: Wanda Layne,

An August Checklist

August 1, 2013

It’s hard to believe that you’ll be starting work in less than a month. We want you to have fun and relax over the summer, but, if you can squeeze in some work, there are a lot of things you need to do before September ends. Here are some things you can do in advance so the first crazy month of the school year goes more smoothly.

1. Come to new employee orientation. Links for registration are in the bar on the right. A team of us are doing orientations as frequently as we can throughout August and September. If you can make it in August, you’ll have more time to absorb what we’re saying. Plus, you won’t have to come after a busy, tiring day at work.

2. Sign up for Great Beginnings. Links regarding this excellent program are in the bar on the right.

3. Contact licensure. If you haven’t already, please email with your ID number and work location. The wonderful licensure office will make sure you have all your paperwork ready to go.

4. Sign up for your benefits. We cover these forms in orienation, but there are links along the side that will help prepare you to make your benefit elections. Don’t forget about paycheck modeling, too, which will reassure you that you can afford the benefits you’re electing.

If there are things that we can help you with, please do ask. I hope all of you successfully signed your contract. If that is still an ongoing issue, keep posting! I’ll do what I can to help.

Still having problems with your contract?

July 29, 2013

Michelle gave another excellent suggestion, which is, “In the top right hand corner there should be an options button, click on it and allow to view. It’s like a privacy security setting.”

If you’ve clicked the compatibility button and the options button but STILL are having problems, please call the IT service desk at 703-503-1600. I’ve asked around all HR offices and this is definitely an IT issue.

Sorry for the mess!

No one is smarter than our early hires!

July 26, 2013

It was determined that the permanent fix is exactly what Michelle said: click the compatibility button on your Internet bar. It’s the broken piece of paper next to the URL of your webpage:
compatibility button

Let me know if you have any more problems.

Trouble with your contract? You’re not alone!

July 26, 2013

There’s been some lovely helping in the comment section. I really appreciate your participation! I did just get this email:

“It has been determined that some people are unable to open their contracts on Uconnect we are aware and IT is currently looking into the problem. This appears to be random as some have been able to view and accept. If you are receiving calls we are advising impacted employees to log in again next week. We will also be available at Great Beginnings to assist the new hires.”

So if you can’t access your contract, don’t despair! I’ll post if I hear any updates.